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Word Vibrations:

Shake up those little gray cells with some creative thinking and writing. Mix language skills with a little art and videography in the sections below.

Write a 60 second TV spot

Scientists predict that consumers in the 21st century will look increasingly to the natural gas industry to provide energy.

Write a script for a 60-second TV commercial to advertise the use of natural gas for residential and commercial use. Include these facts: natural gas is cleaner to burn than other fuels, does not pollute rivers or oceans, and is reliable. As you browse through the rest of Energy Underground, you’ll be able to pick up other pertinent facts.

Draw a grid on blank paper containing blocks of approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. Inside each block you can sketch camera shots. This is called a “story board.” Each shot in a commercial or music video is carefully sketched and planned before the first camera rolls. Speaking of “rolling,” why not record your commercial?

Create a Safety Related Poster

Share your artistic as well as linguistic talents: Elementary schools welcome donations of artwork in the form of safety-related posters that contain important safety messages for younger students. Younger students relate to cartoon-type graphics, bright colors, and quick, easy-to-read messages. The challenge is to create something like this on a piece of poster board!

Here are some suggestions: Read the Safety Section in Energy Underground. Jot down important natural gas safety facts. Choose one or two to illustrate as a “Safe-T-Toon” in a cartoon or single character format. Instruct students to make the poster interesting, but not too “scary” – the idea is to inform, not frighten.

Perhaps your school has a service organization that can help facilitate putting the posters into a nearby school. Younger students will appreciate your artwork and the important safety messages it contains.